The impact of COVID-19 on online gambling

15 June 2020

The corona crisis has changed a lot in our daily lives, wherever we live in the world. Many things are different for the hospitality industry, and now that these companies are open again, that requires a lot of adaptabilities. But a lot has also changed for companies that focus on online betting. Events have been called off, and land-based casinos have been closed for a long time.

Sports betting

It has not escaped anyone that almost all sporting events have been cancelled in the last few months. And that was a big blow for the sports bookmakers, after all, the sports betting was also off the track. The Olympic Games and EURO 2020, it was all cancelled. Yet some offices even knew how to deal with this and you could, for example, bet when a certain event would take place again. The sports bookmakers have been hit hard and also had to give up on the stock market. Still, there is hope on the horizon. Various events are going on again, and that means that everyone who likes to take a bet is already waiting with excitement.

Online casino

The online casino didn’t notice much of the crisis. Regular visitors kept coming, and there was even a small increase in the number of visitors. Gamblers who usually bet on sports could now also be found regularly in the online casino. But the question is whether the increase can be fully explained by this. After all, there will also be new players. The rescue angel in this business was online poker. Poker has increased dramatically at the online casinos since the lockdown in Italy began. Some betting companies even saw the number of players double. This enormous increase cannot be fully explained by the decline in sports betting.

Take a gamble yourself

Whether your preference is for sports betting or the online casino, this will soon all resume as before. After all, many sporting events have already been scheduled for this or next year. You can compare an overview of reliable online bookmakers on this website. You will find both sports bookmakers and online casinos in between. Whether you want to take a chance on who will score the first goal in the Premier League or prefer online slots, it’s all possible. You choose your favourite bet or casino at one of the reliable bookmakers, which you can see in our overview.