Online betting will continue as usual in corona time

10 June 2020

Although it may sometimes seem like the whole world is standing still, some things continue in corona time. Maybe even more active than before. For example, the world of online gambling is doing well these days. While there may not be many sports bets, there are still many other things to bet on. If you cannot bet on a particular match in the Champions League, you can always bet whether this match will go ahead or not. A few inventive examples of corona time betting.

Betting on corona measures

Yes, you read that right. In this day and age, it is even possible to bet on corona measures. When will one measure be relaxed or when will a certain competition take place? You can not think of it as crazy, but there is a gamble. In countries such as Great Britain and Russia, categories have even been devised which are leading. You can think of well-known topics such as sports and entertainment, but also travel, lifestyle and even the WHO must believe in it.

Football betting in corona time

Of course, you could always gamble on your favourite player. You could bet on the player you expected to score the first goal. You could bet who would receive the first yellow or red card. But today it can be much crazier. You could even bet whether the Premier League would resume or not. And if not, whether Liverpool with a relatively large lead will be declared champions.

Bet money on a vaccine

The corona vaccine is already one of the most discussed topics in the world throughout 2020. As soon as there is a vaccine, the fight against this virus becomes easier, according to various virologists. The only question is when this vaccine will be available and when it will be on the market. For example, is it already there before the end of the year or do we have to wait longer?

What to predict on travelling

When will Sweden’s borders open? Will Russians soon be able to make domestic travel, or not. These questions are also asked by various online bookmakers. As long as you are inventive enough, the coronavirus offers plenty of opportunities to take a gamble. But of course, we are all happy when this virus turns out to be over again. And then it’s time for the traditional betting again. Who will score the first goal? If you want to bet on football and make a prediction on the Champions League or another football competition, you can go to a reliable bookmaker which you can see and compare in our bookmaker chart.