Mr Play Sport Has it All: From the Presidential Race to Player Props

28 October 2020

Placing bets on sports can be exciting. If you think you know your team inside out, you cold net yourself a screamer of a prize with the right odds. But why be restricted to placing bets on teams when you can place bets on the star player? Mr Play Sport has introduced a new feature where customers can bet on a player’s specific individual performance in a match, which is known as a ‘Player Props’ bet.

Mr Play Player Prop bets

Naturally, these types of bets are restricted to the football betting markets but that’s where the restrictions end. Whether your chosen player is a defender, goalkeeper, midfielder or an attacker, if he plays football, Mr Play Sport has the markets for you! Think Aubemeyang will score a screamer? Bet on him to score from outside the box! Think Jorginho will control the match? Bet on the total passes he will make! Player Prop bets are available for all English Premier League (EPL) matches as well as top markets in the German Budesliga, the Italian Serie A and the Spanish La Liga.

Possible betting options include; player’s total shots, total shots on goal, to hit the woodwork, to score a header, to score from a direct free kick, to score from outside the box and total assists. The betting glossary for these are:

  • Total Shots = The total number of intentional shots on goal
  • Shots on Goal = Any intentional goal attempt where the ball could have gone over the goal line
  • To Hit the Woodwork = A shot at goal that hits the goal posts
  • To Score a Header = A goal scored for your team using the head
  • To Score from a Direct Free Kick = This is a goal scored by the player from a direct free kick
  • To Score from Outside the Box = Simply put; a goal scored from a goal attempt from outside the penalty box
  • Total Assists = A final touch leading to a goal being scored without a player from the opposition team making a decisive touch.

There are also betting options that allow you to place bets on defensive aspects of a football event too:

  • To Save a Penalty = The goalkeeper is successful in his attempts to save the ball from going in the net
  • To Score an Own Goal = An own goal is awarded against the goalkeeper who has the last decisive touch of the ball before crossing the line to award a goal
  • Total Tackles = A ground challenge where the player connects with the ball and successfully takes the ball away from the man in possession.

Placing Player Prop bets is as easy as:

  • Select your preferred football match from the many betting markets available
  • Navigate your way to the ‘players’ category of that match
  • Choose your bet
  • Enter your stake on the betting slip and click to place your bets.