Have you predicted the Champions League finalists yet?

13 August 2020

The Champions League is now in an advanced stage, and the semi-finalists have been announced. RB Leipzig will compete against PSG and Lyon will play against Bayern. An exciting final will follow on 23 August and who will play in it will become clear during the semi-finals.

Slowly back to normal in the Champions League

In the past, the German, as well as the Spanish and English competitions, were completed. The Champions League is the icing on the cake. It is beyond expectations that these matches can be played. Of course, it is a downer that no audience is allowed to attend. Yet the matches are not entirely without sound, as you have undoubtedly noticed. Sky Germany provides the stadium sounds, which are based on previous matches between the two teams next to play. This way, a match still comes across as lively. Not everyone is sorry that there is no audience present. Analysts point out that the sport itself is more prominent in this way. You can now better see which players excel. And of course, there are opportunities if you want to gamble on other things, such as on goal scorers and who will get the first yellow card.

Other sports are also getting back into the running. Cycling, for example, has also been completely restarted. Did you know that there is a form of bicycle sport in Japan that mainly involves betting? These are the Keirin speed races. The breaks between races are extra long to give the public time to make their bets.

Do you know who the CL finalists will be?

Competitions are even more exciting if you place a prediction with an online football bet at a bookmaker. You may have already predicted the semi-finalists. You can, of course, take a gamble before the final. On this website, you will find a comparison overview with reliable bookmakers. All these bookmakers are under the supervision of the Gaming Authority. Certainly, in times when sports matches can almost only be followed on TV, it is nice to be extra involved. Keep an eye on the sport and take a chance when you can!