Best Bookmakers

We have selected the best football betting bookmakers for you. We only show online bookmakers with an official license. So, compare the best bookmakers and always play with a safe party!

Twenty years ago betting on football was still very clear and had its simplicity with very limited betting options. You just walked into a local bookmaker’s branch and passed on your prediction. The choice for a bookmaker was also an easy one at that time. The location was simply more important than what the betting office might have to offer. Nowadays, that is very different. The online offer is enormous, and that also means that you have to compare bookmakers before you create an account. The good thing is that all our selected bookmakers are in principle very suitable for anyone who wants to bet on football. But you can certainly make the wrong choice. To prevent that, you must of course, first compare bookmakers!

Compare bookmakers: is it really necessary?

If you’ve just gotten into the world of online football betting, you may have only skimmed a few of the major bookmaker’s websites. At first glance, all betting platforms are very similar. Okay, the platform layout is slightly different, and each betting office has its own corporate identity. But otherwise, a bookmaker is just a bookmaker, right? If you take a closer look, you soon discover that things are different. Although all bookmakers have the same task (offering sports betting), they can decide for themselves how they perform that task and what they emphasize. One person mainly focuses on accessibility and good accessibility of the customer service. At the same time, another bookmaker opts for high odds or a fast and well-functioning mobile platform. Fortunately, because this gives you a choice and you can look for that one bookmaker that perfectly matches your way of betting.

Due to the many differences, it is essential to compare bookmakers before creating an account somewhere. If you rely on the well-known bookmaker names, the chances are that the betting platform will not work as well as you had hoped. As a result, you bet on football less and less. And that is, of course, an eternal sin.

Mobile betting with a bookmaker

Speed ​​sometimes plays a significant role in football betting. That certainly applies if you want to bet on that one exciting football match at the very end. At that point, you must be able to trust that you will find your way around the platform quickly and easily. A website that has an illogical layout or is just running slow can mess up your bet plan.

The ease of use of the regular betting platform is essential for every bettor. But the mobile platform is a different story. If you plan to place bets mainly at home from behind your laptop, then it is not at all interesting whether a bookmaker has developed their own app or not. If you like to bet while you are on the train or have a break from work, then an excellent mobile platform is almost of vital importance. Many bettors prefer a bookmaker with an app rather than a mobile version of the website. This usually works faster and is more stable. Moreover, you immediately benefit from all kinds of notifications about the many matches.

Live betting on football with bookmakers

There are few bookmakers where you cannot bet on Champions League football or any other well-known football league. But what if you like to bet money on the First Division Amateurs or if you want to have extra betting options for a specific football league? In that case, it is essential to know what precisely the bookmakers have to offer.

In live betting, there are also significant differences between the bookies. Then you mainly have to think about whether or not a live stream will be present. However, the current statistics are just as vital. One bookmaker provides as much information as possible, while another only provides the much-needed match statistics. If you plan to place a lot of live bets, you need to have a bookmaker who is betting fully on this.

Are you aiming at the highest odds?

Many bookmakers focus mainly on the ever-growing group of recreational gamblers. Low threshold and accessibility are then essential factors. Accessibility lies, for example, in the low deposit limits. Are you just starting to bet and have no idea if such an account with a bookmaker is something for you? It is helpful if you only have to deposit a tenner in your player account instead of immediately 30 euros. A bookmaker feels extra accessible when the customer service is easy to reach. A live chat is delightful for many punters. Also, pay attention to the opening times. Because if you spend a lot of nightly hours on the betting platform, you have a great interest in 24/7 availability of customer service.

Low threshold and accessibility are much less essential for experienced bettors than for bettors just starting. Do you belong to that group of experienced bettors? Then you now know the tricks of the trade and want to use your knowledge and experience to make extra profit. At that point, odds are becoming increasingly important. So you are looking for a bookmaker who is often above average or at least not inferior to the other betting offices. You come to make a lot of profit and that only works if the odds are good.

Your list of requirements is ready, now what?

If you know what exactly you are looking for in a bookmaker, you are already a long way. From that point on, the real comparison can begin. A round of the internet will undoubtedly give you dozens of names of potential bookmakers. It is, of course, not an option to visit all those betting platforms and subject them to a critical examination. Fortunately, you don’t have to, because we have already done that work for you. All information about the bookmakers can be found in our reviews. That information is always honest and independent, so you get a good idea of ​​what each bookmaker has to offer.

Once your requirements list is complete, reading our reviews is the next step in your search for the perfect bookmaker. Pay particular attention to the points that are important to you. Within a few minutes, you will know whether a betting platform is suitable for you or not. Also lovely: in our reviews, we only deal with gambling companies that have an official F + license from the Belgian gaming commission. This means you immediately know that you can create an account without any problems and place your bets entirely safely. Our bookmaker reviews are ideal for making the first selection. But in the end, you have to see for yourself whether your favourite bookmaker suits you or whether the number two on your list appeals to you more. You will only find out if you visit the betting platforms that have caught your eye. Only when you have looked around can you make a final decision. Is this the place where you see yourself making one bet after another? Then it is high time to create an account so that sports betting can begin.

Which bookmaker are you going to choose?

By comparing bookmakers, a lot of betting platforms are quickly dropped. Still, it does not have to be that one real favourite remains. Perhaps there are two or three bookmakers that are difficult to choose from. The good news is: you don’t always have to make that choice. It can be very interesting to create an account with multiple bookmakers. Especially if you like to go for the highest possible odds with every bet, it is smart to be active on two or three different platforms. It depends on which bookmaker offers the best odds at that time. Do you only place a bet now and then, and do you think things like the ease of use of the platform or the accessibility of customer service are more important than the highest odds? In that case, it is better to stick to one bookmaker. In this way betting on football remains nice and bright.

FAQ about Bookmakers

Yes, it is important and wise to compare bookmakers! Every bookmaker is different and has a unique range of football betting. Every bookmaker offers different types of bets. Does one bookmaker often have the highest odds or provides the most live bets? The variety of welcome bonuses and other unique offers can also influence your choice!

Our bookmaker comparison chart shows exclusively and exclusively bookmakers with an official license issued by regulators for the gambling industry. These are government agencies and enforce strict rules regarding online gambling. This way, you play with a safe bookmaker and always protected!

When you bet online with a bookmaker, you are automatically faced with limits and odds. Bookmakers themselves determine which limits they use and how high the odds are. This sometimes creates substantial differences. Let's start with the odds. Some bookmakers consciously keep their profit margin a bit lower so that gamblers can take advantage of extra high odds. The opposite also happens. Several betting offices are below average in terms of odds. It just depends on what is important to you. Do you pay attention to the many bonus promotions and the ease of use of the website or do you just want to make as much profit as possible with your bets? In the latter case, you have to look for a bookmaker who likes to keep the odds high.

Playing limits are an important part of the financial side of betting and placing a bet. Set limits can play a role in your search for a bookmaker. Especially if you plan to gamble with large amounts, it is crucial to check how high the limits are. Most bookmakers use a maximum profit amount. There are daily limits, weekly limits and monthly limits. Of course, it would be a shame if you had to give up some of the winnings simply because you have reached the bookmaker's limit.