Bookmakers often welcome new players with attractive bonuses. This can be done through free play money or by doubling your first deposit. Here you will find all available bonuses at our bookmakers!

Bonus: € 30
Bonus: € 50
Bonus: € 50
Bonus: € 50
Bonus: € 75
Bonus: € 50
Bonus: € 30
Bonus: € 100
Bonus: € 20
Bonus: € 10
Bonus: € 120
Bonus: € 50

Bookmakers like a bit of variety, as you can see from the many available bonuses. Yet these different promotions and bonuses at bookmakers are mainly there to keep all gamblers happy. One likes a free bet or some extra play money, while the other prefers to profit from increased odds or a nice welcome bonus when registering. With all the different promotions that bookmakers offer to entice you to choose their website, it is almost impossible that you will regularly find the perfect bonus or increased odds for your bets.

Get started with the popular free bets

The free bet is one of the most popular bonuses among bookmakers. The name actually says it all. With this bonus offer, the bookmaker rewards you with a free bet. There are free bets for new players, but also the fixed group of gamblers. If you have signed up with a bookie who uses the free bet as a welcome bonus, you will receive the free bet (s) as soon as you deposit money into your account. This way, you can immediately start betting without having to use your own betting budget. Have you been a member of the bookmaker for some time? In that case, you have to rely on this bonus of temporary promotions. You often get a free bet as a bonus after taking out a particular bet. For example when you did a bet on the British Premier League, you earn a free bet for the future matches of the following week.

Most of the time, you can use free bets for almost all sports and betting options. Perhaps this is an excellent opportunity to try out, risk-free, how betting on football with an Asian or 3-Way handicap works.

Receive your money back with the cashback bonus

Sometimes a football game is not quite what you expect it to be. You are convinced in advance that it will be an exciting match, so you are fully committed to a victory for the home or away team. But unfortunately, after 90 minutes of uninspired football, there is a boring 0-0 on the scoreboard. A waste of the bet? That’s not necessary! Some bookmakers have created a cashback bonus, especially for these types of moments. If you bet on one of the selected football leagues and the match remains scoreless, you will simply get your bet back with this football betting bonus. You can then use the money for another bet, in the hope that this time there will be a better outcome and some more tension in the match.

Cashback bonuses help you reduce the risk of a bet. If you don’t win, the bookmaker will return the bet. If your prediction does come true, you will, of course, just make a profit. Sometimes there are special rules attached, for example, that you only get money back in the event of a 0-0 final score. But the significant advantage of a cashback bonus is that you don’t have to commit to multiple wagering to unlock the bonus and maybe other more complex bonus terms. The Cashback bonus allows every gambler to take advantage in some way.

Exclusive and unique increased odds on

Many bonus promotions revolve around free play money or a free bet. Great of course, but in the end, you only have one goal in mind when betting on football: to make as much profit as possible. Fortunately, there are bonus promotions that help you with this. We are talking about matches or competitions with increased odds.

The higher the odds are, the higher the final winnings can be. Still, most gamblers never go for too high odds, only because it carries many risks. It is therefore very interesting when the bookmaker increases the odds as a kind of bonus. Where, based on the facts, you might count on odds of 2.15, that now suddenly becomes 2.50. That makes a difference in terms of profit, while the risks of this bet do not get higher. Some bookies occasionally opt for increased odds in specially selected matches. Anyone who wants to gamble on these matches can then take advantage of this bonus. However, there are also football matches with increased odds that are only available for visitors of As soon as we have an exclusive bonus available with one of our selected bookmakers again, the bonus will immediately appear in our list and been shared with you!

Earn extra play money with friends bonus

Are you not the only one in your circle of friends and acquaintances who is interested in football betting? Then the bookmakers are happy to use your connections. Word of mouth is arguably the best advertising there is. Some bookmakers want to encourage you to recommend the platform to your friends and family. Of course, there is a nice bonus. With this so-called friend bonus, you receive extra play money for every person who registers through you. However, registering alone is not enough. They first have to deposit money in their account, and only then the bookmaker approves your bonus. This friend bonus often earns you a few euros per new member. But if you lobby a lot, the amount can add up. An extra plus: when your friends start betting, you can immediately show them who is the best.

Mobile Bonus: A welcome gift for mobile betting

Bookmakers sprinkle plenty of bonuses when they have something to promote. The mobile website or app is one such thing that they like to highlight. A lot of time and money has gone into development, so they also want gamblers to use the mobile version of the platform. The mobile bonus offers a solution to attract the attention of there players.

The mobile bonus is a form of a welcome bonus but only intended for players who bet via their smartphone or tablet. It does not mean that you have to choose between the regular welcome bonus and the mobile bonus. You can collect them both. With the mobile bonus, you will receive something extra when you first bet via the app or mobile site. For example, it could be 5 euros in play money or a free bet worth 10 euros. While you’re going for that mobile bonus, you can immediately check out whether betting via your phone or tablet is the right choice for you. There is, of course, a huge advantage by betting on your mobile phone. You can bet anytime and everywhere you want if you have an internet connection available. Thanks to the mobile platform, you will never miss an exciting football bet again.

FAQ about Bonuses

Some bookies reward these types of gamblers with exclusive bonuses. For example, you can get an extra free bet or free bet credit, purely because you often bet on football. Some bookmakers offer a complete VIP program, where you can see for yourself what you still need to do to qualify for those exclusive bonuses. It can also happen that your bookie will contact you if you stand out positively. Then it is completely a surprise when you receive an exclusive bonus as a reward. We at also share exclusive bonuses to our visitors from time to time.

Many different bonus promotions can be found throughout the year. One is even more interesting than the other. Nevertheless, it would be best if you always kept in mind that bookmakers can set specific conditions for the bonus. Only when you meet all the requirements - which mostly can be found under 'Bonus Terms and Conditions' - is that nice free bet or mobile bonus yours. It is therefore wise and useful to read the bonus conditions carefully before you go full for it.

Attractive bonuses at bookmakers are of course not only reserved for new members. Once you are a member, you will soon notice that regular players are also rewarded. Some bookmakers like to sprinkle with risk free bets, free bets, mobile bets and friend bonuses. But they don't just do this. Bookmakers try to distinguish themselves from the competition with the many impressive bonus promotions they offer. They always have that one goal in mind: as many new players as possible, but also retain existing players. Bonus promotions are actually a smart marketing trick, but that makes for you as a player no difference, as you can take advantage of nice extras.