What is Draw No Bet?

Football is sometimes difficult to predict. The clubs are sometimes quite equal, and the match can go in any direction. Of course, you do have with betting on football most of the time a favourite in mind for the overall win. The name of that favourite will then also appear on your bet slip. Nevertheless, the opponent can just breakthrough in the last minutes of play, causing that glorious victory to slip out of your hands suddenly. There is a draw on the scoreboard, and the points are divided between the teams. Do you want to arm yourself against that difficult to predict draw? With a Draw No Bet you have the right bet for this!

Draw No Bet: bet is void in case of a draw

As soon as you enter the world of football betting, you are immediately introduced to the popular 1 × 2 bet. After all, this is the bet you use when you want to bet on the winner of the match. But don’t forget the Draw No Bet. This bet has exactly the same premise as the 1 × 2 bet, because you are betting your money on the team you think will win. Only now there is one less option to consider.

The Draw No Bet is a simplified variation of the 1 × 2 bet. The similarities are significant. The number of goals scored in the match does not matter for either bet. It also makes no difference whether there is a clear victory on the scoreboard at the end or whether the match ends in a tight 1-0. You are only interested in that one question: who will win the match? The Draw No Bet and 1 × 2 bet may be very similar, but they differ in one essential point. Because a 1 × 2 bet has three possible outcomes, the Draw No Bet only has two. You can bet on a win for the home team or on a win for the visitors. The tie option is nowhere to be found in the bet. Of course, this says nothing about what is happening on the field. Even if you have ticked a Draw No Bet on your bet slip, the match can end in 0-0 or 1-1. At that point, the bet will expire, and you will get your stake back. So you break even.

The chance of a lost bet decreases rapidly

Every football match has three possible outcomes. That doesn’t change with football betting when you exchange a 1×2 bet for a Draw No Bet. The odds of you winning this bet are still theoretically 33%. The advantage of this bet type is, therefore, not in a higher chance of winning. It is the reduced chance of losing that makes the Draw No Bet an attractive option.

Every bet carries risk. A wrong estimate not only ensures that you do not make a profit, but you also lose your bet. With a Draw No Bet, the chance of this happening is a lot smaller. After all, there is only one result that results in a loss. With three possible outcomes, the possibility of a loss is only 33%. The chance that you will at least get your bet back and that you will not lose any money is almost 67%. A Draw No Bet is, therefore, the ideal betting option to protect yourself against any losses. However, you have to ask yourself whether such extra protection is always necessary. You come to win, and that only works if you dare to take risks.

Forget that uninspired tie and focus on the winner

There are those football matches that just don’t get going. In the first half, there are few spectacular actions to be seen, and in the second half, the pressure is barely or even not at all increased. After 90 minutes of football, the game has not progressed beyond a boring and uninspired 0-0. In such a duel you are almost fed up with your bet. You have bet money, and then you at least expect that there is some tension in the game. With a Draw No Bet you prevent this kind of boring football duels from costing you money. The frustration is somewhat less when you get your bet back at the end of such a match. You haven’t gained anything, but at least you haven’t lost anything.

For many who bet on football, a match that seems to end in a draw in advance is not the most interesting option. You would like to express your preference and indicate which of the two teams is stronger, even if the difference is small. A draw often feels like a disappointment. This applies not only to you but also to the supporters and players. The strongest team lost two points rather than won one during such a match. Of course, you cannot do anything about the situation in the field. Still, on paper, you can rule out that unsatisfactory draw. A Draw No Bet bet is all you need.

You pay the price for the “safe” Draw No Bet

A Draw No Bet bet has major advantages. A Draw No Bet option reduces the chance of losing and you can also put that unpredictable (and sometimes boring) draw right out of your system. All you have to do is focus on the winner. These kinds of benefits are, of course, offset somewhere. And then there is one element that the bookmakers look at by default: the odds.

With a Draw No Bet you play it safe. Because suddenly there are only two betting options left instead of the three variants of a 1 × 2 bet. That one option that dropped immediately affects the profit. Just take a look at the 2019/2020 Champions League final. The Munich club was the favourite in the match between PSG and Bayern. Yet the odds for a 1 × 2 bet were not even that divergent. A win by Paris Saint-Germain was good for a odds of 3.25 for bookmaker Unibet, while a win for Bayern was 2.12 times the stake. However, with a Draw No Bet, these numbers went down quickly. For the Paris side, the odds dropped from 3.25 to 2.40, and a victory for Bayern Munich was only worth 1.58 times the stake. So you do pay the price for that extra security that you build in with this bet. You must think carefully about when to use the Draw No Bet and when not to use it.

When do you choose a Draw No Bet?

It is challenging to say with conviction that a tie will appear on the scoreboard before the match. It’s reflected in the relatively high odds that are often behind a draw. Even bookies and other football experts are often wrong when it comes to a draw. However, the chance of a tie is present in every match. On average, every season at least a quarter of the Eredivisie matches end in a draw. That percentage is not lower in other competitions and tournaments.

A draw is something to consider when betting on football. Yet it is very human to designate a favourite team for the final victory. Moreover, there is always a difference between the two teams on the field, no matter how small that difference is. For example, something as simple as the home advantage can make all the difference if the clubs are well-matched. A match at Camp Nou provides different odds in advance than when Barcelona and Real Madrid finish their match in Bernabéu. But the clubs are evenly matched no matter where they play. The match can, therefore, go in any direction. The 2-1 victory for Barça is only in when the referee gives the final signal. Until then, a tie is a realistic option. Real will do everything in its power not to lose to its biggest competitor.

Matches without a prominent favourite team are very suitable for a Draw No Bet. It can just happen that Barcelona and Real balance each other after 90 minutes of playing time. Still, you would like to encourage one of the two clubs, so make your choice. With a Draw No Bet you cover yourself against that one possibility that you would rather not think about in such a match: the draw. Draw No Bets can also help with live betting. What if the game doesn’t get going and the teams keep each other in balance? You hope for that one goal difference, but this may never come. A Draw No Bet is then ideal. Besides, do not skip this betting option when you are looking for a combi bet. The Draw No Bet offers more security than a 1 × 2 bet, which makes this a good basis for a winning combination. So you see, with the Draw No Bet you can go in any direction.