Getting rich with football betting professionally

A professional football gambler is someone who earns his income by making smart and thoughtful bets on football matches. If you are successful, and professional as better, you can sometimes win tens of thousands of euros in only one day with your bets. But it is not that easy to build a professional career in football betting. The only way to achieve this is by reading very carefully about the matter, having your bankroll in order and by making a lot of well thought out bets on football matches. However, this requires a powerful discipline, which does not seem to be for everyone.

Get ready for a life in professional football betting

Can you make money with betting on football? Sure! There are plenty of examples of gamblers who can make a living from their football knowledge. And not only that. The most successful football betters live in a world with a lot of luxury. Large villas, sports cars and invitations to exclusive parties: it all happens to the big ones in the gambling world. Still, you are one of the few who made it in professional football betting if you manage to earn a good living with betting on football. So, you have to keep in mind it’s not the easy road, and only a small group of people can actually make a royal living from gambling and betting on football. So do you have nerves of steel and a high dose of football knowledge? Then maybe you will be one of them in the near future.

The do’s and don’ts on the road to big money

So you think you are ready to take the next step in football betting? Becoming a professional gambler may sound very appealing, but it also has its downsides. It’s a very stressful life, mainly because of the ups and downs you will experience in your betting. Therefore, many do not recommend the lifestyle of a professional football gambler. Don’t let this put you off? In any case, make sure that you know what you have in front of you if you walk the path of aiming to become a football betting professional. And most importantly, know yourself and ask yourself the question: ‘Do I really have what it takes to make it as a professional bettor’.

For a successful career in football betting, you must first of all be willing to put in enough time. If a lot of time is spent on your family and all kinds of hobbies way out of football, the chances are that this will be at the expense of your preparation. You have to do research, analyze match statistics, calculate winning odds, and so on. If you do not do this accurately enough, the chance of loss is high. A successful gambler also understands several football competitions. You really don’t need to know who the favourites are in the Japanese J-League or the Indonesian football league Liga 1. But it does help if you can bet on more competitions than just the English Premier League, for example. Also, this will give you suddenly a lot more matches and bets to choose from every week.

With every bet you make, you must focus on the longer term. If you lose a bet, don’t forget that there are many new opportunities to come. It’s about making enough profit at the end of the month to live on. You will forget that one lost bet in no time. Recreational gamblers tend to be guided by their emotions after losing bets. They want to make up for the loss, so they bet on a new match as soon as possible. A real pro knows this is the dumbest thing you can do. You must be able to keep a cool head under all circumstances and rely on your common sense and betting strategy. There is no room for emotions in the world of football betting professionals. Are you impatient by nature? Then ask yourself if you are suitable for a professional career in football betting. You have to take the time to build up your bankroll calmly and to get the hang of betting on football. Becoming a pro takes time, so be patient.

Bankroll management is the key to success

Once you get to the point where you make a final decision to become a pro, you have undoubtedly weighed all the pros and cons. You want to be able to make a living from your football knowledge, and you also have everything in you to become successful. So it is high time for the next step! The first thing to do now is to build a solid bankroll. You will have to save money for a long time so that you have an appropriate bankroll behind you. Our advice in this is: make sure you have a good backup plan in place in the first period. Take your daily job as a backup plan, for example. If you end up in lesser times concerning your football bets, you always have something on hand to pay for your daily provisions and fixed costs. Besides, a job can make you think carefully about the amount of money you play with. It could also boost your game when you consider that you’re going to place a bet with your hard-earned money.

A backup plan alone is, of course, not enough. Good bankroll management is the real key to a career in professional football betting. Smart use of your money is the number 1 main thing. For example, you must be able to set limits for yourself, which means in practice every time you make a new football bet. You have to set two limits for yourself. Think about the minimum amount of money you are willing to spend on a bet, and at the same time the maximum amount of money you will bet. You have to find the right balance between the risks of gambling and the possibility of winning a lot of money in one go. Basically, this is just a matter of experience.

Bankroll management is purely about the agreements you make with yourself. You determine which ones they are exactly. For example, you can also agree on a maximum number of bets with yourself, where you do not bet more than three times a day. Or only go for matches from certain football leagues, such as the Premier League, Bundesliga or Serie A. These are just examples, but tactically they are right decisions. Especially if you really have the will actually to stick to these agreements. Because a professional bettor knows: to stay financially healthy, you always must stick to your own agreements.

Let’s start a career in football betting professionally

You are not ready for a career as a professional gambler overnight. Such a thing takes time and preparation. You have to know exactly what you are talking about before you can make good money betting on football:

Initially watch a lot of football matches and keep an eye on the various online bookmakers. Online bookmakers connect so-called odds to football matches, which determine the value and odds of winning the relevant football team or match. In general, the higher the odds, the higher the risk, but of course also “the higher” the potential payout. Learn as much as you can about (recurring) patterns and bets that may have seemed very lucrative at first, but later turned out to be very risky. As a professional gambler, you must be able to estimate as accurately as possible which bets have the most potential.

To become a football betting professional, you have to read many articles about betting on football. Stay up-to-date when it comes to football and betting on this sport. Think of transfers, trainer changes, but also injuries and suspensions. This way, you will not be faced with surprises!

Talk to as many football bettors as possible about betting in general and betting on football in particular. Let others teach you, let them tell you what you are doing right and wrong. For starters, keep a close eye on and stay up to date with the latest betting news.

Knowledge is essential, but ultimately you also need to gain experience. Do not rush this. First, make sure that you bet on football for a while permanently and successfully. You gave to do this purely to master the whole game of betting. We, therefore, recommend that you always start low – and by this, we mean really low – so on the micro limits. Purely to gain knowledge and to better estimate the risks of betting on football.

When playing with low stakes goes well, you can play a limit higher. Your bankroll indicates with which limit you could possibly play. Use a strategy such as the pie model for this. This model is to prevent at all times that you run out of bankroll faster than expected and are bankrupt.

A successful gambler determines his own strategy

Knowledge of football and the gambling world is essential. Also, well thought and proper bankroll management should be pursued. But there is one more thing: a betting strategy. Professional bettors place only informed bets. Usually, they rely on a fixed strategy.

There are many different strategies when it comes to betting on football. For example, you can apply a tactic like the 79th minute strategy. Do this first with small amounts and later with more significant numbers. By this tactic, you get the hang of the strategy well and you will eventually – with the correct outcome of your prediction – end up at high profit amounts. Is the 79th minute strategy not entirely up to you? Then look for an approach for determining your bet. For example, start with a relatively low bet and double this amount for the next bet if you lose. You will then automatically win back the lost amount. This betting tactic has its own name in the gambling world: the doubling strategy. If you apply this strategy correctly, your bankroll will always increase. But again, this tactic sounds easier then it mostly is for most people, when applied in reality.

Are you fanatically working on the 79th minute strategy but still winning too few bets? Or do you determine your bet on the basis of the doubling strategy, and is it just not as pleasant as expected? Then don’t be afraid to change your strategy. If you want to play on the safe side, choose football betting with SureBets. As the name of this strategy says, you choose a certain and sure bet. With SureBets, it stands or falls with accurate analysis at different bookmakers and odds so that you can achieve certain outcomes exactly the same or with a profit. If you do this for a more extended period of time, your bankroll will continue to increase over time.

A successful bettor regularly takes a critical look at his way of playing. See what works and what could possibly be improved. Then adjust your strategy where necessary. The sport sbetting market is constantly changing, and you have to take that into account. What works now may be outdated in a few years. So make sure you are always aware of the latest developments and see how you can respond to them.

Always remember: there is no such thing as a perpetual winning system where you don’t run any risk! (Okay, besides SureBets if you play your bets the right way) We don’t want to discourage you by saying this, but this is also a part of reality with betting on football. When you make several well-considered bets with the necessary preparation and knowledge, you have the best papers and a very high chance of a successful outcome. Of course, this does not mean that it never has to go wrong, even if you have the perfect strategy in mind. Even the best professionals sometimes have a bad day, in which a loss or a draw occurs.