Betting with the 79th minute strategy

The football calendar is full of great matches every year. That one decisive duel in the battle for the national championship and that semi-final of the Champions League: you are all set from the moment the kick-off starts. If you follow the game from minute to minute, you will see every action, every foul and every goal passing by. The longer the game lasts, the better you can estimate how the match will end. That is precisely where the 79th minute strategy is all about. You have to have some patience, but that patience will automatically pay off!

The unpredictable sport called football

You know a thing or two about football. Yet every week there are enough results that even the most outstanding football connoisseur would not have seen coming. That’s why live betting is so enjoyable. With a live football bet, you can wait in peace and see what happens during the match. This way, you quickly find out that the always so strong Juventus suddenly turns out to be hopelessly out of shape. But how long do you wait to bet if you choose a live bet? At the end of the first half, you may already have a good idea of ​​how the relationships between the clubs are. The only question is what halftime will do to both teams. It could just happen that that dominant team loses grip on the match because the opponent comes back from the dressing room surprisingly strong. So do you wait until the second half has started well and truly? That is a possibility, but there are also risks involved. With 35 minutes left on the clock, a lot can happen that will turn the game entirely upside down. That comfortable 2-0 lead quickly becomes a bit less comfortable when the opponent makes it 2-1. If the visitors also increase the pressure, then that 2-2 is just in the air. There is significant uncertainty, especially with half an hour to play.

Of course, uncertainty and risk is part of betting on football. But why risk losing a bet when there is also a strategy that will almost certainly bring you the win? With the 79th minute strategy, it’s a matter of sitting back and seeing what happens. Only when there is little that can go wrong is it time to take action.

The assignment is simple: sit back and wait

The 79th minute strategy is a betting strategy that only works for live betting. By using this betting strategy, you need to wait at the end of the match because at the end is when money has to be earned.

The idea behind this strategy is simple. Once most of the game is over and the last 10 minutes have arrived, you can predict quite well what the situation will be like when the referee sounds the final whistle. A dominant Bayern who starts the last part of the match with a 2-0 lead, is really not going to let go of that victory. That means you can bet reasonably safely on a 1 × 2 bet. So it really pays to sit back and wait.

To properly execute the 79th minute strategy, timing is essential. The name might suggest that you have to wait until the 79th minute of the game has arrived. Nothing could be less true! Many bettors who like to stick to this betting strategy pass their prediction somewhere between the 70th and 80th minute. But you can also wait a little longer if you are not entirely convinced of the outcome yet. Even in the 88th minute, you can still bet by this strategy at the bookmakers. One thing is sure: in those last two minutes, little can happen to keep you from winning. Although the price money will be lesser the longer you wait.

Great odds of winning are punished with low odds

Live football betting comes with changing odds. The bookmaker continuously checks how the game is going, which team puts the most pressure and where the best chances lie. All these elements ensure that the odds are continually adjusted up or down.

At the start of the match, a victory for Bayern Munich really does pay off. With a fast 1-0 lead, however, the value slowly falls. If it turns out that the team is still dominant in the second half, the odds go even further to low. That 2-0 in the 75th drops the number again. And as the minutes tick away, you see that the bookies keep taking something off the value. This brings us straight to the downside of the 79th minute strategy. The fact is, low winnings punish relative certainty in the gambling world. The longer you wait to bet, and the more specific you are of the outcome, the lower the profit will eventually be. That is the consideration you have to make over and over again. Will you settle for a little profit and slowly build up your bankroll or are you too impatient to bet with the 79th minute strategy?

There are several ways to increase the profit of your football betting. For example, the relative certainty of the 79th minute strategy may make you dare to increase your bet. Just keep thinking carefully, because even in the last minutes of the game you can still lose a bet. Another tactic is to increase the number of football bets considerably. Where you usually focus on one or two matches a day, it is smart to increase this number a bit more now. After all, more winning bets automatically mean more profit. And since every bet is different, betting with the 79th minute strategy remains exciting.

Plenty of options for fans of the 79th minute strategy

The term “79th minute strategy” only says something about when to bet. So it says nothing about the type of bet. In that respect, you are also entirely free to choose. You can use the 79th minute strategy for a 1 × 2 bet, a correct score bet and even an over/under bet that focuses on the number of corners. It just depends on what the competition calls for.

One bet is, of course, a bit safer than the other. With Bayern’s 2-0 lead, you can confidently bet on a victory for the Germans in the 80th minute. Passing on the correct score is a bit riskier. Bayern can get an extra chance in those final minutes, turning it 2-0 into a 3-0. But don’t underestimate the opponent either if the Munich team loosen the reins a bit because that victory is in any way, that offers opportunities for the opposing team. This allows the clubs to easily walk off the field with a 2-1 at the end of those 90 minutes of playing time. Betting using the 79th minute strategy seems simple, but it does require some thinking. You must know how to assess the current situation on the field properly. This is the only way to get the most out of this smart betting strategy.

See what the competition brings before you bet

If you bet in the last part of the match, the chances of winning are higher than if you place a bet in the first fifteen minutes. That is not rocket science. Nevertheless, it remains crucial that you analyze the match well and look at where your options lie. Are there two clubs facing each other that are very equal in strength? Then be careful if it is 1-0 and the players are still doing everything they can to score. Even when the 85th minute has come, you are not sure. That one extra goal is close, although you never know whether it will actually fall. So try to not take too much risk by using the 79th minute strategy. If it still becomes 2-0 in the 86th minute, things change immediately. Suddenly you have that certainty that is so important in this betting strategy. Betting on the winner of the duel then fits perfectly with the goal you have in mind. You want to make a profit, even if it’s not that much.

Every football match is different. That is why you should never bet without knowing how the game is going. You want to know if there is a lot of pressure or if the players seem to be craving the final signal. Games where little speed is left and where everyone just taps the ball around are ideal for the 79th minute strategy. There is little chance that an extra goal will be added or that something else necessary will happen. A correct score bet can then be a smart move. If you are not sure enough about the result, wait a few more minutes. After all, you want to minimize the risk when you get started with the 79th minute strategy.