Betting on Football

Betting on football and predicting results is popular among sports enthusiasts. We have the best bookmakers ready for you, and always share the best tips & tricks for all your football bets!

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Win big with football betting

Placing a bet on a football game is the most popular of all sports betting. Betting on football is practiced by millions of football fans every day with the most diverse football betting. Betting on the winner of a football match or betting on the total number of corners or yellow cards in a match. Almost any prediction on a match is possible and is offered by an online bookmaker (betting site) through numerous bets. Did you win with your soccer prediction? Congratulations! You have won from the bookmaker and can now transfer the earned amount to your private bank account. Or do you have another bet in mind? One thing is sure: A football match with a successful bet has never been so much fun!

Cashing with football?

Turn your football knowledge into a successful bet and become the king of football betting! Check out our best bookmakers and predict one of the many available football bets!

Bet on Football

Looking for a nice bet on football? Check out all our trusted bookmakers and pick from many available betting options!

The best football betting bookmakers

If you want to bet on football safely, you choose a bookmaker who has an official license to offer sports betting. This license is issued under strict supervision by various Gaming Authorities. The Gaming Authority is an independent government body and supervises the safe and fair course of (online) gambling. At we only show bookmakers with an official license. This way, you always play safely and with a reliable bookmaker!

You can bet on football with a bookmaker

For football betting you go to a bookmaker. These bookmakers have become a lot more accessible in recent years because they now operate online. You just need an internet connection to bet on your favorite football matches. There are two main reasons why gamblers like to combine their sports knowledge with a bet. The first reason is money. If you are successful with gambling, you can certainly make nice sums of money. Always be aware of the risks. You can lose the money you bet just as easily. Another reason to bet on football is the extra excitement it brings. You sit on the edge of the seat until the end of the game if there is something to be won. A bet really makes every football match even more exciting.

Choose from the wide range of bets

With the arrival of online bookmakers, the betting offer has increased significantly. Twenty years ago, betting was mainly on football and horse racing. But if you scroll through the long list of sports now, you know that there are plenty of exciting bets for every sports fan. Online bookmakers follow matches from all over the world. For example, you can easily alternate a football match from the English Premier League with an exciting game from the German Bundesliga. Or have you set your sights on a major tournament such as the European Football Championship or the Champions League? Who knows, you might even go for a live football bet, where you bet money while the match is in progress.

Safe betting on football with a legal bookmaker

There is a simple way to check if your bookmaker is trustworthy and follows all the rules. You only have to ask yourself one question: does the bookmaker have a license from a reliable Gaming Authority? Licensed bookmakers, therefore, meet all the requirements set by legislation in the issuing country. Gambling with a legal bookmaker offers you many advantages. This way, you can be sure that you deposit money via a secure connection and that you will receive the profit made. You also don’t have to worry about your data falling into the wrong hands. In case of complaints, the Gaming Authority can revoke a license. Bookmakers will, therefore, do everything they can to continue to comply with the strict guidelines. For a reliable bookmaker, consult our comparison overview. has selected the best bookmakers for you.

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FAQ about Betting on Football

If you want to place a football bet, you have to go to a so-called bookmaker. Bookmakers are gambling companies and offer numerous sports and competition bets. Football betting is by far the most popular and chosen sport among bettors at a bookmaker. Bookmakers provide everything related to sports betting. These betting offices do not only have bets available online where you can put your money on. They also ensure that there are odds behind the bets, that your bet slip is processed and that any possible winnings reach you well.

With pre-match betting (a bet placed before the start of the match) it is much easier to prepare well than with live betting. Nevertheless, it is always important to try to do your homework beforehand. That starts with figuring out a profitable bet. The odds vary per bet, but also per bookmaker. Professional gamblers always have multiple accounts for that reason. If you want to get serious about betting on football, don't limit yourself to one bookmaker. In addition, delve into statistics and see the results of previous matches in the run-up to a well-considered and well-chosen football bet.

Football betting can only be successful in the long run if you manage your money well. First of all, it is wise to agree with yourself what your betting budget is. This can be a daily, weekly or monthly amount. If you lose many bets in a row, you will quickly run out of money. Smartly spreading your money over several bets is called bankroll management. When using bankroll management as strategy, you are not only dealing with determining your maximum betting budget. You also have to think about the amount of your bet. For example, it is never wise to put your entire budget on one bet.

Live betting gives you much less time to think. You have to be able to switch quickly to make as much profit as possible. While the game is in progress, bookmakers and bettors alike are busy focusing on a likely outcome. The bookmakers are allowed to adjust the odds during the match continuously. And as a gambler, you have a 90-minute chance to bet money on a bet. If you wait too long, you will only see the odds drop. So it is vital to take action at the right time. That makes live betting on football extra exciting.